If I ran a seminary I’d make everyone read this post and the 272 comments that follow. . .

The post is called “Raising a Church-less Child.”  I’d ask them. . . . What’s right about this conversation? (note I’m not saying what’s wrong with the author or their perspective) What’s wrong about it? How might this conversation be re-framed or re-set? What kind of story/parable or analogy/metaphor  might Jesus offer in the midst of this conversation that could reorient it.

Then I’d ask them to write a paper on it, only the paper would consist of your interlineated responses to each one of the 272 comments and you would be graded on your ability to reframe the conversation

There’s nothing really new here, but there needs to be something new added to it. ??

My quick take– the Christians are getting slaughtered here and for all the wrong reasons.

ps. i’d especially like to see how one of my favorite faculty friends would respond.

  1. #1 by rmkocak on June 14, 2010 - 10:07 pm

    JD, i read a little bit of that post and a handful of the comments… Truly, there is nothing new under the sun for many of us.

    As far as a parable – right now I am keen on Luke 15:11-32. I actually am writing a blog series on the prodigal son(s).

    Her initial post came across as genuine and it becomes evident that this mother wants to do a good job in raising her child; however, her reasoning is about as linear as a tornado. She’s all over the place and rightfully so, since the words ‘utilitarian’, ‘syncretism’, ‘moral relativism’, and ‘real’ seem to under gird her worldview. We shouldn’t be concerned with tornado though as much as source of its winds. How do we as Christians articulate the human soul’s desire personally to this woman? What is she really looking for? A moral tutor and community for her child, or something else?

    How does the cross of Jesus Christ speak to the consumer demands of Americans?
    -Does it satisfy the aggregate demands?
    -Does it promise prosperity or humility?
    -Does it promise life only to die; or does it promise death with Christ, only to live in him?
    -Does it promise a grocery store where you can pick what you buy; or does it offer a vine in which we can abide?
    -Does it offer physical water that is only good to the mouth, or does it offer living water welling up to eternal life….

    Well those are my 1AM thoughts…good night!

    rm Kocak

    • #2 by jdwalt on June 15, 2010 - 9:06 am

      Helpful questions Ryan. I think ur right-her case is what it is. We have to ask the deeper “now what” question. U r asking some good “in house questions.”

      How do you respond to her. What comment can u make on her blog where we all say, “one if these comments is not like the other….”

      Thanks again. Anyone who reads my blog and comments at 1am is a true friend!

      John David Walt, Jr. vp community life dean of chapel Asbury Theological Seminary


      Sent from iPhome ;0)

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